The Focus of our Little Ninja Program is to introduce the younger child to karate with basic skills and
 a whole lot of fun and action.  The greater goals here are to develop listening skills, distraction control,
 following directions and staying on task in a high energy, fun and developmental way.  This program
 will help your child develop themselves physically, mentally and socially so they can participate in our
 Young Samurai Karate Program.  4-5 Yrs Old
 This Karate Program Focuses on developing your child’s gross and fine motor skills, memory, and
 attention, fitness, agility and social skills.  Your child will also learn age appropriate self-defense, self-
 respect and the respect of others while building their confidence in a safe, stimulating and fun filled
 class setting.  6-7 Yrs Old
 Our Youth Karate Program helps our students increase their self-esteem, teaches them to work
 towards the goals they set and they learn how to respect themselves and others. The children learn in
 a safe, supervised environment and our trained instructors keep the kids motivated and wanting more
 while they’re learning self-defense techniques and interpersonal communication skills that will last a
 lifetime.  The children in our program get better grades, make more friends, and work towards their
 black belts giving them more confidence in all they do.
  8-14 Yrs Old
 Our Focus in our Adult Karate program is on fitness, self-discipline, self-confidence, personal safety
 and lowering stress levels.  Unique to karate is its ability to develop the individually physically and
 mentally.  All aspects of your life will benefit including work, family and social relationships.  You will
 also learn self-defense that is appropriate to your lifestyle and your fitness level.  15 Yrs & Older
 For more than 12 years Focus has been teaching children with special needs that they can participate
 and earn a black belt in the martial arts.  Our instructors are trained in a roll up your sleeves and dig
 in environment and work with children with numerous types of special needs.  All your child needs to
 participate in this class is a doctor’s approval and the desire to make a difference in their life with the
 gifts that they have.  You have to see this program to believe the impact it has on the students, their
 parents, and even our instructors.
                                                      Click here for Cerebral Palsy Guidance
who : Open to all Focus students with full sparring gear

what : Competition training for those looking to expand their kumite training to a new dimension

when : Tue & Thu 6:00-7:00 PM (Blue Belts & Higher)
  Objective: The objective of the Focus Competition Team is to provide a higher level of training physically and mentally for those athletes who have a desire to take their karate competition to a higher level. This program is open to all Focus students who fit the criteria as laid out in the Team Focus information page.
 Rank Requirement: Blue Belt and higher (or by special invitation).
 Age Requirement: 8 years and older (or by special invitation). 
                                                 TEAM FOCUS INFORMATION PAGE         

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