What Is Our Focus

Focus Martial Arts started out as a class that's main focus was to bring families together to build confidence, dialogue, and relationships, to allow the family to share in more than just a home. Since our inception, we have continued to grow beyond our optimistic expectations.

I've been asked time and again about the success of our club and I've reflected on it more times than you could imagine. I believe that the success of our club is based on one primary; underlying principle ... we build confidence in everyone who steps onto the dojo (training place) floor. "We make America stronger, one student at a time."

Focus Martial Arts and Fitness is a place where the individual or the whole family can work together on making themselves better by increasing their confidence and fitness levels while learning age specific self-defense and important life skills that are not always taught to children and adults.

Every man, women and child regardless of who they are and where they've been has a home at Focus Martial Arts and Fitness. We do not just practice karate. We use Shotokan Karate to build the self-confidence of all our students. With confidence in ones-self, there are no limits as to what you can accomplish. From 1 to 101, self-confidence is the key to living a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

This confidence carries over into every aspect of our lives...at home, in school, at work and play. We are happier, healthier and more productive in everything we do. My belief is that by training with Focus Martial Arts and Fitness, we build ourselves up in a world that seems to tear us down with every corner we turn. We become stronger in mind, body and spirit.

It's also our belief that for every person we come in contact with, that person will never be the same as a result. It's up to us to determine the effect we have on that person's life. It can be negative or it can be positive. If we are confident and have a healthy self-esteem, then we're more likely to make their experience a positive one. This is our golden rule. To impact the lives of all we touch in a positive and sincere manner, not only in karate but in all aspects of our life. Karate is the force that allows us to do this.

Since we build the self-confidence of our students, it's my belief that each Focus student will touch hundreds maybe thousands of people in their lifetime. The ripple effect of this is mind boggling. It should be the goal of every Focus student to have a positive impact on every one they meet and to make the world a better place for you having been there. Everyone they touch will in-turn be more likely to repeat their gesture to those they come in contact with...and on it goes. The ripple spreads across that great lake of humanity.

Focus Martial Arts and Fitness is not a place where you learn aggressive behavior. Focus is all about living, loving and learning. It's about you, it's about self-discovery and understanding, it's about family and friends, it's about becoming more than perhaps you could have if you were not a part of our family. It's about making you better in mind, body and spirit and then spreading that confidence, humility and sincerity to others.

This is the Spirit of Focus Martial Arts and Fitness!

Arigato (Thank you) to all our students.
You are the essence and reflection of Focus Martial Arts and Fitness!

Owners Focus Martial Arts & Fitness, Jim & Marianne O'Hara

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